Money for old shit

Now she’s really scraping the barrel (no doubt one full of yo ho ho and rum) and talking about seagull shit. When will this woman stop talking about the sea and all who sail on her?


  • if YOU’D done a 1700 mile journey around the coast of britain in a boat with 2 kids aged 3 & 5 do you think we’d EVER hear the end of it?

    anyway, speaking from close personnal experience, audi’s & seagull shit are a very bad combo.

    is libby any relation to peter? they do look kind of alike.

  • Q: What do you do with a bird who shits on your windscreen?

    A: Don’t ask her out on another date.

  • What do you do IF a bird who shits on your windscreen? sounds much better imho

  • Nit Picker is probably right and should stop hiding behind that terrible moniker.

  • If you had as many animals in your hair as my kids do, then Nit Picker is as good a name as any.

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