All Right Luvvie? No Actually.

It was the South Bank Show Awards, last night. I only watched the first five minutes, but that was enough to make me ashamed to be interested in the arts. Richard Smug-As-You-Like Curtis was handing out an award. I paraphrase what he said: “When my kids ask me what I did during the Iraq war I will be able to tell them that I went to the Eddie Izard show and it was very funny”. Well you bastard, I’ll make sure I pass that information on to Samantha Roberts, wife of Steven, as no doubt she could do with a bit of a cheer up. I didn’t support the war, I hated that we had no choice but to do as Blair dictated, but for Richard Curtis to be chortling away about being at the theatre when men, women and children were dying is hateful, actually.

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