Sleepless in the Suburbs

First of all, Shattered can go and fuck off. These contestants are to me what David Blane must be to Bobby Sands’ family, well sort of. I have not slept through the night for five years. A week? Easy. They should try a night with Billie.

Then, because the World Service in its infinite wisdom thinks that we would want to listen to music, I had to look elsewhere for comfort as I need to listen to a human voice while I am chained to the radiator of my sleep deprivation. So I turned to LBC (97.3 FM in London). OH MY GOD. How stupid is Steve Allen? Why he is allowed to get away with being so dim? Everything that fell out of his mouth was self-satisfied ill-informed idiocy. His faith in his guests bears testament to his ignorance. Last night he had a film ‘expert’ on, who started off by slagging off Out of Time because no-one would believe it as Denzel Washington would never play a bad guy – what about Training Day?


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