I’d Like To Thank

“Thanks to my mom for always encouraging us to try to make art” said Sofia Coppola in her acceptance speech after winning her oscar. How nice to think of the Coppola household all busy creating with Mummy Coppola enthusiastically encouraging them all.

Meanwhile chez nous, our afternoon of working with modelling clay has descended into chaos, the entire kitchen looks like a cross between a Rachel Whiteread installation and a chalk quarry. The kids have twiddled and diddled with the stuff until we have tiny bits of dried up clay all over the place and an assortment of deformed figures and impossibly complicated weapons lie drying on radiator, window sill and bread board. I suppose they enjoyed themselves, although they seem to like stuffing their hands into the clay bucket more than anything else. And as they stomp off into the other room leaving a cloud of toxic dust in their wake and a shed load of clearing up, I can safely say bugger Mrs Coppola, I’m encouraging them to be accountants.

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