Reasons to be cheerful

As you may have noticed, you being god knows who, if anyone at all, that I haven’t written much recently. This is because I am depressed. I can’t decide whether to write more than that really. It is chemical not occupational. And debilitating in the extreme at the moment. Still I’m looking on the bright side.


  • We were wondering why you hadn’t written?

    Don’t be depressed. Spring is here. The sun is out.

    Or alternatively, be depressed. Its a shit world. Things are bad.

    Things might get better though. The chemicals in your body will sort themselves out. Or you will sort them out by doing exercise or something. And then you will feel chirpy again. You will write again. And then everything will be okay.

    You have been depressed before, and each time the cycle ends. This time will be no different.

  • We missed your words while your site was away.

    Who is das? Does das live with you in a big house?

  • Your site is back but no one is home. I have beautiful cufflinks and an empty money clip. It must be broken.

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