Might I Recommend

To Dance With The White Dog – Hallmark Channel, Wed 6th, 1.00 pm

a “touching and tender story about Sam Peek, an elderly southerner who is confronted with the loss of his wife” and let’s not forget to mention that his wife’s spirit returns in the form of a dog.


  • I initially mistook this for Sam Fuller’s film “White Dog” which IMDB descibes thus:
    “Paul Winfield is a trainer attempting to reprogram a vicious dog who’s been trained to attack and kill people with black skin.” It doesn’t mention how the dog is the re-incarnation of Mrs Sam Peek though.

  • To Dance with the White Dog is actually the long-awaited sequel to White Dog. Once Winfield has the beast properly socialised and house trained, the white dog takes up ballroom dancing and is soon teaching classes all over the South, regardless of race or creed. It’s very touching actually. Amazingly, you can watch a trailer here. Isn’t the Internet wonderful?

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