Sublime Vine

Stella Vine in front of her large painting 'Rachel'
We went to see the drippingly gorgeous Stella Vine (and her paintings) at Transition last night. It was fantastic, we even did some curating. Billie’s favourite picture was ‘Belle‘ but I completely lost my heart to ‘Geri‘ and I wish that I’d been able to sell the car like I tried to so that I could have bought it. In addition, Steve knocked a tower of beer over in order to create a lucky dip element to the drinking activity. We left before the crowds arrived happy in the knowledge we’d been in the presence of a great talent.


  • Vine

    We got to Stella Vine’s opening at Transition early enough to meet the artist properly and to see all the…

  • hiya, thanks for coming along last night and for all the encouragement !
    Stella xx

  • Stella Vine

    Stella is still thanking me for inviting people to her show and has been especially pleased by the gushing praise her work has received on their websites. But will she still thank me when their healthy fandom turns to unhealthy stalkerdom and obssessio…

  • hi read an interview recently and was interested to see some of your work and (hopefully) purchase!

    Where are you tracable?

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