We have a massive (over 70 foot) Eucalyptus tree half way down our garden, and it is going mental in the wind. When our over-zealous tree surgeon scalped the willow, he barely trimmed the Eucalyptus and so its topmost branches have grown some ten or more feet and are thrashing around in the air, one big gust blew the tree almost half way over, it’s very exciting watching it. I wonder if it might fall down. Although I love the tree, it is a total pain, as its leaves shed just about now and they are dry, hard and spikey, and they reallly hurt if they stick in your foot. This means that you have to circumnavigate a big patch of the lawn on your way down if you’re in bare feet. My sister says they spontaneously combust in the hot weather because of the oil in them. This is clearly a lie (click the little pic for a bigger one).

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