Favourite Things – a few of them

Paul Johansson as Dan Scott in One Tree HillPeter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen in The OC
To use common parlance, I’m loving One Tree Hill and so torn now between that and The OC. Mr Potato has not grown any humour tubors while he’s been away sadly. Also worried that, given my frail state of mind, the two story lines will merge and then where will I be? I think the parents in O.C are tastier than One Tree and I want their lives more, but the dad in One Tree is certainly a more fleshed out character. Anyway, when I was sixteen my mates’ dads were never like this.

Also liking The Great Love Swindle; I’m as intrigued by the actresses’ responses to their task as I am mesmerised by the fucking appalling characters that they have to go on dates with. (Guys have five dates with girls they’ve selected and have to get them to fall in love with them, only they don’t know the girls are actresses).

What sort of upbringing did these blokes have to make them such out and out pricks? The programme should interview the parents and find out what the hell they did to their kids to turn them into such monsters. These blokes delight in lying to women in order to screw them (yeah I know, they all do it) but it was so horrific, they reminded me of those foul Tory Boys in that Forty Minutes who shot seagulls and made total arseholes of themselves. Vile.


  • As one of the “pricks” in question, I must admit that your comments made me laugh (a friend came across them and sent your site link over). All I can say is please dont tar us all with the same brush, and wait until the final episode to make a final judgement. TV shows always have their own agenda, as do the contestants; but after the filming is over, the editor is God! What you see is framed to create a certain impression.

  • Dear Stephen

    Your comments are duly noted, and as a long term inmate/employee of Auntie, I know what you mean. I do hope you make your mum proud by the end of the series – I look forward to finding out.

  • I love how judgemental people can be 🙂 As another of the ‘pricks’ in question I can honestly say that none of the participants in the show, bar one, actually said we lied to women let alone ‘delighted’ in it so I find your comments mawkish to say the least. I really don’t we were half as wankerish as we were made out to be and any instances where we were, I’m sure we deserved. The show should be taken context: it was designed to be a stitch-up and whether it succeeded is debatable. I consider myself fortunate that I rumbled the set-up pretty quickly and managed to find a way out.

  • It is always very easy to be wise after the event.. wouldn’t you say James?

  • You’re welcome to your opinion Betsy but unless you know exactly what went on it’s really ill-informed of you to make these kind of comments. I can say with 100% certainty that there exists footage of me turning the tables on the actress by pre-empting her revelation much to her and the director’s chagrin. Whether that makes it to the final edit remains to be seen. I’m sorry to say that your cynicism is unwarranted. Just my two cents…

  • Just read the comments from the ‘James’ character. He sounds like a ‘real’ prick desperately trying to justify his actions. If he had any ‘brains’ he should have realised T.V. shows always have their own agenda and the ‘final edit’ is always down to ‘them’. He took that chance – so why is he ‘defending’ himself now? As ‘Betsy’ said – it’s always very easy to be wise ‘after’ the event. As for people being ‘judgemental’ Maybe people just recognise a ‘bastard’ when they see one!

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