Are We There Yet?

Billie, Olly and Rosa peering at a hippo exhibit at The Natural History MuseumSpecimens in The Darwin Centre at The Natural History Museum
For the last day of the summer holidays we took the kids to the Natural History Museum. It was a wonderful trip. Of course there was the usual litany of gripes about being tired, hungry, wanting to go the toilet, not wanting to go here, really wanting to go there, but once I’d had a cup of tea and a sit down I pretty much stopped moaning.

Actually, it was when we stopped for a break that I really did have cause to moan. We traipsed into the basement ‘family’ restaurant; on the hotplate were a variety of kid shaped food, sausages, mash, nuggets, chips etc. As the children leaned over to choose, I was informed by an officious young male that hot food was closed. I checked the time, three o’clock. I asked them if they were really serious that they would throw away food rather than serve three kids and two adults. Yes indeed they would. Where else in the world would this happen? They had food, we had money. IT WAS THREE O’CLOCK. I must remember to readjust my kids’ body clocks, and stop them when they are peering fascinated at a great big skeleton, to make them eat AT THE RIGHT TIME. Oh God.

Luckily this drink was on offer to calm me down, that is until I had to shell out two pounds bloody 75p for it.

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