Sater Chaws is coming to Town

Those of you who read my old man’s blog will already have seen the delightful tome that is currently being produced by Oliver. His letter/list/set of demands to ‘Sater Chaws’ is growing longer each morning, as he dutifully copies out the next page of the Argos catalogue. Out of consideration to the elves he is now including the reference number of the item, presumably to speed up the process given how soon Christmas is coming. He came into our room at seven am the other day to announce with the same urgency as declaring a fire that there were 98 days to Christmas. Each year the questions about Sater get more penetrating and my answers more convoluted and contorted. So whilst I remonstrate with Olly urging him not to choose things that are too expensive (remote control hovercraft ?79.99 for instance) young Paxman demands to know why that would be relevant given that Mr S C will be digging into his, no doubt, voluminous red pockets to provide the goods. I then say that, although it’s true that the pressies come direct from SC, he bills me for them. This of course makes him seem like a right bastard, but Olly’s not bothered, he ain’t paying he just wants the goods. And so it’s back to the Advent Calendar of Avarice, and more product numbers to note down.

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  • Oh god, that’s scarily good. So Santa bills you back for the goods he delivers to your children. Crikey, I hope he’s got a good administration department. Luckily we have enough diversionary birthdays in the lead up to Xmas for them not to notice it for a good while yet.

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