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I hate loathe and despise that advert. It’s nails-on-blackboard irritating and broken-bone-sticking-out-of-flesh nauseating. But can anyone tell me why we should be interested AT ALL in getting cheaper car insurance? I have never shopped around for car insurance, I don’t want to be quoted happy or ask myself if I could get it cheaper from the AA, or save money at Diamond to spend on something I really want, or get Steve to take me to some cheap cafe on the money he’s saved by getting the car insurance from Direct Line, or even buy a deal from Michael Winner. (BTW, in that ad where she says “I’m not your sister” why do they cut her off short when she speaks a second time and says “don’t call me”? It sounds like she was going to finish with “your sister” but the sound is just chopped.) Anyway I digress, back to car insurance. I DON’T CARE who insures me.

And why do I know so much about these deals? Because I watch poor peoples’ telly, Living and Hallmark mostly, although ITV2 (Ivan beware) dishes it out at bit too. Why is it that this demographic is so obsessed with getting cheaper car insurance? The continual offers from loan companies I get, but when you’re up against it do you run around trying to shave a fiver off your car insurance, balls do you. You try and do a bit of cash in hand work, or sell stuff at a boot sale or live off mince for a while, or buy less fags (as a last resort).

And while we’re on the subject of ads, I love the Specsavers one where she’s gonna leave all her money to Derek, but why is her son only about five years younger than her? The casting director was on acid clearly.

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  • I’ll tell you something that has bugged me for years and that is that the AA insurance is NOT CHEAPER than anyone else. It tends to be more expensive. There’s something strange here – for ever they have just told everyone that they are cheaper, it’s a total lie. But I guess that by the time you’ve phoned up and got a quote that is more expensive, often you lose the will to live and just sign up for it on the spot. Frankly, anything to do with money just gives me the heebie-jeebies these days. I have so much absence of it and what I do have flows out in so many strange directions that I’ve just given up.
    And as for that QUOTE ME HAPPY malarkey, words fail me.

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