Three nights of chronic insomnia, one night of which I did not sleep at all, have so fucked up the following week, that all I’ve managed to do subsequently is crash through the day, pick the kids up (just) from school and hang on grimly till they go to bed then sit feeling sick for a couple of hours until I can face lying in bed unable to sleep again.


  • Go to your local health food shop and get Celestial Seasonings ‘Tension Tamer’ tea. I’ve also got it from Sainsbury’s before. I get the same thing now and again – usually chronic overtiredness which seems to make the brain go into over-drive! The tea seems to work for me – I hope it does for you too.


  • Oh I forgot – and a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow as well seems to do the trick

  • No, smoke crack for a bit and then go to bed

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