Mummy Dearest

Olly Bowbrick wrote this note in November 2004
Imagine my pride when I saw this little note from Oliver to me was written almost entirely in ‘joined up’. Click on I, hate or you to reveal the full extent of his love for me.


  • What can I say, I’ve had every insult under the sun thrown at me over the last few years. I never anticipated such antipathy. But it’s all love under the skin. My girl has a saying, ‘I’ll always love you and I’ll never hate you’. She says it whenever she gets nervous (which doesn’t stop her then shouting ‘I HATE YOU’ at the top of her voice a few minutes later). Worst thing is when you have to repeat it back to her. I can say ‘I’ll always love you’ no problem, but I balk at saying ‘and I’ll never hate you’. As if, as if.

  • Dare I ask what you did to cause such a display of affection???

  • Likely as not it was bedtime related. Then again it could have been because I hadn’t brought his drink to him fast enough during a crucial bit of Scooby-Doo, or that I had lost the nose cone off of his balsa wood plane, or that it was raining (which is my fault), or that he was bored as he hadn’t had anything to do for the last five seconds, or that he didn’t like my offerings for tea or, or, or.

  • At the end he writes “and i will never love again”. he doesn’t say he will never love *you* again. i think maybe he’s coming to terms with being gay. Takes after his father obviously.

  • So gays don’t love then. And for your information Steve is not gay he just likes dressing up in womens’ clothes.

  • How typical is this? Steve just read my comment over my shoulder, smirked, did a double take and went “hang on….you’ve put the apostrophe in the wrong place”.

  • tell him to smirk when he’s written his piece for the book his friend Paul is editing and has asked him to contribute to 100 times.

  • My drunken ramblings ( I know it was only early evening) seem to have brought this thread to s sudden close. Apologies.

  • We love it when you write, why don’t you write more often. This is so wonderful and insightful. I can’t believe you don’t write all the time. 14 posts a day like those wonkette kids. We love it. Post more often.

  • Oh mum, please, it’s embarrassing.

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