Nee Naa

I’ve now had occasion to visit the hospital emergency stylie for all of our kids. Sunday being the most dramatic, when Rosa (18 months) was ambulanced in with suspected respiratory problems. It was an attack of croup, which, for all you parents of kids under 5, can appear out of nowhere, usually at night, and appears as if your kid can’t breathe. We are still getting over the shock, and so too it seems is Rosa, who has been very sad and poorly.

Usually feted at the best of times she is now being totally indulged and has the two of us taking it in turns to read countless books to her. Here is a girl who can make every noun sound like an order – Book! Cake! Sweet! Milk! Anyway thank God for Jez Alborough, Sue Heap and for some reason the author of Pets at the Vet’s, available at all terrible book stores.


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