The Dog Ate My Blog

One of the best things about being a grown-up, as I’m sure I have mentioned before, is not having to go to school. I thank god every morning that I don’t go anymore. I hated knowing I HAD to go and I quaked with fear as homework/exam revision deadlines approached, arrived and departed whilst I remained petrified in the face of them. There’s nothing quite like it, even when you have a job, you can comfort yourself knowing that you could quit, not present the report, not give the talk, kick the OHP into touch and make like Lord Lucan. School you can’t do that, you HAVE to go.

Anyway…blog went from fun to work to school almost overnight. One minute I was yakking away like my nan in the post office on a thursday, and the next I’ve got the fear, done a Mike Yarwood and couldn’t do it.

So this is by way of getting on the horse. Giddiup.


  • C’mon girl, you can kick it with the best of them. And get that lazy husband of yours back in the saddle as well. And what about that Murphy character. Bunch of slackers, all.

  • Well, the Ikea posts kind of took over for a while. Maybe that was what threw you out? You have just reminded me that I have let mine drag for the last few months. Awful. Everyday I think about it which makes it worse but somehow I imagine that everyone will scoff at my paltry thoughts! Silly really seeing as I obviously have no fear of commenting on anyone else’s!!

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