A dishonourable bargain

Celebrity Big Brother 2005 logo“Who’s gonna join the revolution? No fucker.” Thus spake Bez.

He’s emerged as my absolute favourite as he tried to garner support for a mass walkout. As they, one by one, dodged the issue of walking out together to protest at the awfulness of bringing Nielson‘s private life so publicly into view (including GG, who rather dodgily declared that them all leaving would “steal Brigitte‘s thunder”) Bez gave a most moving account of the ‘every contestant for themself’ ethos which looms so large in the bb house and beyond.

Berating himself for not having learned the lesson earlier from previous attempts to incite collective action, he mused on how the bb house was the perfect allegory for the outside world, where no “fucker” cares about anyone but themselves, and to that end, he declared that he would only care for himself and his family.

It was so amazing to hear the old socialist rhetoric that I’ve not heard for years aired on tv, and so sad to see the realisation in his eyes that it was futile, and that the only decent alternative was to keep safe those closest to him.

So the job that Maggie started, and Tony so willingly finished has ended up neatly packaged in a live tv stream piped directly into my bedroom.


  • Welcome back, great blogging. Didn’t you use to do those video diary things on TV? Well, aren’t these blogs like those? Or something.

  • Hello Ivan, Video Nation, yeah, similar, tried to get BBC to do online diaries about seven years ago, they didn’t think it would catch on. In fact I remember my head of department (who hated the whole online thing) running up to me in the canteen and yelling “The internet is dead! The internet is dead!” apparently he read it in the Observer.

  • hurrah, that you are back. Hurrah hurrah. And I though Blair Brown was the only thing to read. Hurrah. Hurrah.

  • Dear Patsy, thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule on Emmerdale to write to me, make sure you vote out that trout Lisa if you get the chance. Regards.

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