Dead Flashy

Just as I was tucking into my “Count Yourself Lucky You’ve Got Any Dinner At All You Greedy Cow” low calorie meal from one of our favourite retail outlets, a sliced open corpse appeared on my screen and some geezer started to re-inflate its lungs, and poke away at the hardened yellow fat which festered under loose flaps of skin. Cut away to a naked woman resplendent with ovaries painted on her navel whilst besporting a lovely brazilian and was that, could that have been, a bit of clit?

So…thanks a bundle Channel 4, though I wasn’t going to enjoy the food anyway given its lack of calories is matched only by its lack of taste. But at least I was going to eat it. No chance after that ghastly peep show of a trail. Has C4 become so inurred to objection that it no longer deems it appropriate to warn us that we are about to see the inside of a cadaver? And although a flash of fanny does nothing to curb my appetite I just thought I’d mention it so you can have a good stare on pause and see if my eyes were playing tricks.

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