Flat Packed and Ready to Roll

Every time I went to blog, I decided against it because somewhere at the back of my mind was the fact that my Ikea post generated so much response that everything else seems like a shot in the dark. Imagine my amusement then (which of course turned rapidly to horror) when I listened to the early morning news and heard all about Ikea’s version of the Harrod’s sale, but with added violence, danger and lack of bargains. What is going on England? Is that flat-pack so fantastic that you will abandon your car, squish your nine month old baby in the fray or even (allegedly) stab someone in order to get it. There was an interview with one woman who described having to link arms with other women as the horde surged dangerously towards the doorway, only to be crushed as the Ikea staff closed the doors, she talked of wondering if this was going to be a second Hilsborough, how people were weeping and vomiting inside, screaming to escape. When the appalled journo asked her if she would ever consider returning she replied “Oh yeah, of course, I love Ikea”.


  • I had to snigger (guffaw) slightly when bbc news described the whole sorry episode as a ‘chavalanche’. It looked like a sketch from Brass Eye – well, the bit I saw anyway. Ikea will probably give the hurt chavalanchers vouchers for stampeet and edmuntn range of furntur if they are lucky!

  • Yes, yes, and free vomtspattr and fattranrs for all.

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