Am I thinking what they’re thinking? If it’s that they’re the biggest bunch of wankers, wrapped up in crookery, basted in cruelty, with a dash of ineptitude, then I guess I am. Anyway, I doubt there’s one of you out there idiot enough to contemplate voting for them and so this may not be of any consequence to you.

But… my sister called Central Office today and was told that Family Tax Credit (Brown’s innovation that actually does diminish the poverty trap) will no longer be available, though should continue for families currently in receipt of it. Now if you are lucky enough to be earning a good wedge then you may not need it but I know a lot of people who are finally managing to make ends meet and work (albeit in low-paid jobs) rather than signing on. It’s a win-win – less social security handed out, raised morale for those in receipt of tax credit, giving people a chance to join the world of work.

I know we all hate Tony (apart from Steve that is) but if the Tories come back I dread to think what will happen to all the people around me who have got their lives back on track and kept their kids out of poverty directly as a result of Gordon Brown’s endeavour. So there.

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  • Don’t get me started. We are both unemployed self employed at the moment – in my case I haven’t been in paid work since last Nov. Can I sign on? No. Can I claim family credits? No, not unless my other half signs on too and even then – if he gets one job paying £200 for the day and that might be his only job for the fortnight then everything is cancelled. I was told the only way we would be helped was if Russell actually left me and I was homeless. Great. The irony is that we might be homeless anyway if we carry on like this – or split up through the stress of it all. I hate living in this country at the moment. I will need to apply for emergency Regaine and Boswelox credits at this rate!

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