Friends Re-cycled

I’ve just watched the most amusin’ programme on the Modern Review, the denouement being a rapprochement betwix Julie and Toby, and I was reminded of all my lost loves friendship-wise. I know that I am to blame, having taken umpteen umbridges, distanced myself by miles and then filled the void with unexplained silences. And if the Grim Reaper came knocking I am sure that my regrets would mostly amount to not having rebuilt those bridges so soundly Dambusted by my hubris and huffiness.

But how do you go back? A mate of mine who is way too cult for my liking has allied herself to a group who believe there is great value in making contact with all of those people and telling them about all those grudges harboured for so long, with a view to moving forward with your soul and conscience all spring cleaned. But it rather begs the question of what you do next. Do you call your estranged mate, explain, apologise and make up and then never see them, or do you have to start seeing them again? And if you do re-kindle the association, who’s to say that your initial decision to give them the flick wasn’t the best one after all?

Maybe those Trisha moments full of tears and hugs just lead to lots more trouble afterwards and you realise that perhaps it’s better, Whistler-style, to acknowledge the shelf life of a friendship and accept it’s past its sell by date and vow that, next time, you’ll dispose of your pal in a responsible fashion, bunging her in the right waste container, rather than dumping her by the side of the road.

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