The Cameron Carrot

I don’t give a toss if he did or if he didn’t, although if he is now it might be interesting. But I do really care that the main thrust of his argument tonight on Question Time was that the question as to whether he puffed was not relevant as it was twenty years ago before he became a politician. You just can’t use distance of time to nulify your actions, first of all everything we do shapes us, and secondly twenty years ago was once ten years ago was once a year ago and was once yesterday, sorry it was a massive spliff tonight (as if).

The point is, the only people that can, with any justification, say that previous actions no longer count are those that have served time, as for the rest of us, it’s fine to change your mind, to regret what you’ve done, to change your life completely, but to deny your previous actions any relevance because decades have passed is not acceptable.

Also weren’t you fascinated by the skin tones of Fade to Grey Muriel, Dunkin David and the granite faced Bony Ben?

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