I’ve just written this up at Watchification, but have to repeat myself as I truly loved the performance by Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn. The Tories could have done with her help when they set about re-branding themselves, in fact Gordon Brown should ring her right now, so wonderful is she at changing our minds about someone’s public image.

Having carried the memory of the shrewish, conniving Anne Boleyn of the BBC’s Six Wives of Henry VIII back in the seventies, I was all set to hate her and instead have devoured every second of her presence on screen. I particularly love the way she dismisses people by a jerk of her chin, been trying to copy that.

Didn’t do her any good in the end though, as she still got written out of the series, to be replaced with a right dozy looking blonde bird. Twas ever thus.

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