Killing Me Softly

Those Danes eh? Here’s me thinking all they care about is bacon and pissing off Al-Qaeda, and all the while they are producing Wire-like magic with The Killing. The big (and surprising) bonus is the sheer volume of episodes. I watched the first two thinking that it would be a three or four parter and paced myself accordingly. It slowly dawned on me that The Killing is the gift that just keeps on giving, and there are, in fact twenty glorious episodes.

Once I had managed to supress my concern about how itchy Sarah Lund’s (the detective) jumpers were, and, that her attention to detail extends even to her perfectly coiffed eyebrows, I totally succumbed to her controlled charms. She thinks and empaths her way through every carefully calculated scene while her subordinate and wannabe replacement rages around her. The grief that is at the tightly coiled heart of the series is played with impeccable yearning by the parents This and Pernille Birk Larssen.

You are not too late to catch up and have at least eight hours of sublime Scandinavian drama to savour.


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  • amazing television there is not one poor performance and the tension builds so skillfully e.g. the scene where she gets off the plane! Loving it.

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