Day 5 A Message

Words: Ivan Pope

I am indeed the freedom fighter, living in the caves in the limina, biding my time, knowing that the empire must crumble but also, some days, knowing ‘not in my lifetime’. However, there is a slow trickle of exhausted refugees who arrive from the cities and towns of the Empire. They have realised that life cannot go on like this, and from this unpromising material we are starting to fashion our liberation army. Our weapons are few and my knowledge of the art of war is shallow, certainly when ranged against the mighty F’ass-bowk Empire. However, I will sustain my new comrades with tales of how, even within my father’s lifetime, even, if I throw my mind far back, even within my own span, there was no empire, the F’ass had not arrived on this planet, carrying the Bowk which they claimed as holy writ.

My father had been a fighter in the legions of F’riend-ster, an older and holier order which took its sustenance from the very earth, which was matched fighter for fighter with the My’sp-ace legions, but which could not resist the overwhelming might of the F’ass. I hear tales that, somewhere, a long long way off, there may still lurk the remains of a once hopeful faith, the Fr’iend-sreunited. But still, this does not, in the dark watches of the night, reassure me.

So I tattoo you my new recruits and you must swear an oath that you will send your first child back into the arms of the enemy, to spread the M’eme, to pass on the ancient knowledge, that all this is illusion. Promise this and then, because there are no children as yet, we must settle to the first acts of procreation around the camp fire.


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