Day (lost count) Falling off the wagon

My name is Juliet Bowbrick and I have been clean of Facebook for nine minutes. Not the thirty seven days or so it should have been. Oh dear. I went back on. Now I am reliably (?) informed that I can’t leave, that I have shot my bolt, can’t do a Frank Sinatra, have to stay put or go and stay gone. So I thought, maybe I should stay for a bit, stir it up, try and put into practice what I have been preaching. I am fully expecting an intervention from the nay sayers, and I don’t want you lot to think I have abandoned the revolution, but let’s be honest, it was only me here wasn’t it? See you on the inside.


  • Just came back onto Facebook and I have to admit it’s nice to have you posting again. Your language is filthy and you have a sick an twisted sense of humour which is why I have missed you posting.

    Don’t ever change to thine own self be true…welcome back (seriously) 😉

  • I’m sure your leaving of Facebook is not helped by the proliferation of Like buttons throughout your blog, its a constant reminder!

    I’m happy not being a part of it, I can understand a bit about why people can’t stay away….but its not me though occasionaly useful for finding people you don’t have contact numbers for I must admit.

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