Latest Show (The soaking wet one)

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You missed it, you loved it so much you want it again, you don’t know but you’re game for anything? Then here you go Bird The Soaking Wet Show. It’s in two parts, sort of listen to one get one free type of thing.

Some of my personal faves from this week:
Maeby Funk – Bad Reception An unbelievably catchy, “have to dance” hook of a song.
Death Valley Girls – Gettin’ Hard Everything in a song that makes you feel glad to be bad.
Kite Base – Dadum Starts before you know it, dances round you ’til you get it
The Leaf Library – Rings of Saturn Sublime and verdant, lie down and let saturn’s rings fall through dappled leaves.

See how poetic this week’s music has got me? Do yourself a favour and listen.

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