Clean Your Mouth Out

I needed to take some Anadin Extra tonight as I was having a real “mum can I have a rabbit (and repeat)” moment. I’d shoved the pills in my mouth before I got some drink to knock it back with. I saw half a glass of lemon squash in the sink so I drank that, only to discover that it was washing up water. All the stuff in the sink had been submerged in water which had drained away, leaving only what was in the cups and glasses. I threw up straight away, three times. Burst loads of blood vessels round my eyes and caused a great deal of amusement/consternation chez nous. And I was just about to go out. Great.


  • nice looking site. not just beautiful, clever too. you free friday evening to meet up, have a glass of wine and talk about website design?

    Sorry about your “accident”. Are you sure? Has your husband asked you in a very casual way to sign any insurance papers recently? Get a copy of Suspicion and bone up on that – originally Hitch wanted Cary Grant to be guilty but the studio wouldn’t let him.

  • welcome a la blogosphere…. yeah whatever.

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