One In The Hand

Having got the fear since becoming a mum, I feel a little trepidatious about confronting 14,000 police armed only with a pram and a posset cloth. But I do want to tell Bush to fuck off. So I will be ‘stopping the city’ where I live. My main purpose is to disrupt normal activity in the area, whilst drawing attention to my “Stop Bush” posters. For anyone who wishes to join me in Radlett (a small village 15 miles from Trafalgar Square), this is the itinerary.

19th November

I shall be driving very slowly on the school run, this journey is about a quarter of a mile and could take as long as five minutes, if I really slow down. Later on, at Mothers and Baby group I will be telling people how Barney is an agent of the state and is being used in appalling ways at Guantanamo.

20th November

I will be pushing the pram very slowly on the narrow bit of the pavement near the sweet shop. This may cause a great deal of congestion, especially if I dither by the zebra crossing. (That reminds me of a friend I had who lived right by a zebra crossing and whenever she came out of her house the traffic used to stop. She admitted that sometimes she crossed the road even though she didn’t need to, because she felt embarrassed that people had stopped needlessly).

21st November

I will take extra time looking for the exact money whilst paying for my shopping in the greengrocers, whilst insisting they double check that none of the products are from America.


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