Still Ill

Day 39 still haven’t left the house, feeling slightly claustrophobic. Hear sounds of Christmas from the street, wonder whether I’ll ever leave the house again.

Bollocks of course, but it feels like I’ve been stuck inside for AGES because of the kids being poorly. Rosa is still ill with this dreadful cold, now I have it, Steve has it, Billie is just getting over it and Olly started sneezing tonight. Plus Rosa bit my boob so hard on Saturday that I got mastitus, my breast swelled up and I could now give any rugby ball a run for it’s money.

Oh and we’ve had nits in the house. Obviously since they don’t have a pet (even the sea monkeys never emerged from their freeze dried stasis, and just ended up looking like a bunch of tea leaves stuck to the side of the bowl) the little ‘uns are delighted. They’re desperate to peer long and hard at the bastard things, wiggly legs and all. Personally it gives me the severe creeps, and despite getting the old “relax everyone has them” routine from Steve, I note with interest that he has had all his hair shaved off.

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