• 1. I see they’re giving plaudits for being very old now:
    “Miss Bowbrick, who has lived through two world wars…”
    2. Do you have a permanent live Google search for ‘Bowbrick’ going on or are the kids fictional and you sepnd all day on the web?
    3. ‘Kathleen Bowbrick’ – that’s a good Irish name.
    4. Your blogs are like buses – none for days and then etc etc
    5. Did you watch the Alan Clark Diaries last night? It made me think of you guys.
    6. The Larkin thing on BBC1 later on made me think of you guys as well. Very funny too.
    7. On Radio 4 they’re explaining why people tuning in to hear John Cale on ‘Desert Island Discs’ the other week got Martha Lane Fox instead. They realised that as she’s left lastminute her window of newsworthyness was shrinking.
    8. I’m not sure why i’m typing all this in this small form here. Maybe I have Tourette’s.

  • 2. No we just got a phone call from Aunt “it’s a bloody disgrace” Sheila, who looks after her.
    4. Apparently you’re meant to write them everyday …. whatever.
    5. No, because I forgot and I’m very cross. I dread to think how it reminds you.
    6. No, but I’m sure I’m doing a first class job of fucking my lot up, each day that passes puts another £20 on their therapy bill.
    7.She was too posh for my liking.
    8. You don’y have fucking tourette’s, you have Asperger’s.

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