Shallow Gal

I’m not particularly interested in using this blog for psych reasons; but, why don’t I cry at the big things in life, yet weep buckets at adverts? I have just shed some enormous, blobby tears over the Bold 2 in 1 ad, where the dad is primary carer over girl as she navigates her way through early years to teenhood, yet when faced troubles (births and deaths not withstanding) at home, I am totally dry eyed.

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  • That’s because you have been with Steve for such a long time that the atoms that make up his body have merged with yours. You probably cry at dog food ads and I imagine your gaff is a total blubberfest when the toilet paper ads with the puppy come on.

    Having said that I nearly cried tonight when John Lydon called the great British public “Fucking cunts” on Celebrity.

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