The Eyes Have It

Having read Mr Joyce’s views on blogging courtesy of Simon Waldman I didn’t feel much like writing. But the return of Footballers’ Wives has cheered me up a great deal so here I am. Watching this reminds me of the sheer front brain thrill I used to get reading Mallory Towers or James Bond books. However, despite loving lying on the bed, drinking hot chocolate and not being interrupted, I have a few grumbles:

Tanya’s eyes. What is going on there, darting hither and thither and thither and hither. Also, has she looked in the mirror even once when she put on the slap? Too shiny. Darius’s eyes are toooooo close together, surely that must affect how he sees the ball. Very sorry to see Jesse Birdsall tip up, his ubiquity in the low rent soaps really cheapens this high end drama. Beckham copy is dreadful, his walk is only just this side of Chaplin, face so chiselled he could have your eye out with his chin. Bollywood wifey is fab hurrah for the girls. And I miss Jason, could he have a twin brother one hopes.

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  • I bet Jason’s not really dead. He faked his own death (although I did like the way people were queuing up to take credit for it) just to get a bit of piece and quiet and will be back later in the series to give Tanya one.

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