A toast crumb shaped like a Scotty Dog - from the rightA toast crumb shaped like a Scotty Dog - from the left
My good friend Paul and I both have museums in our houses. We enjoy discussing how we manage our exhibits, deal with the public etc. and at some point we will be loaning artefacts to each other, however he will not be allowed my Scotty Dog Toast Crumb. What amazes me is not the fact of it but that, in my out-of-it state back in 1996, I managed to spot it on the bread board.


  • Perhaps I should add it is only half a cm square.

  • Paul’s guest blog:
    Derren Brown should be burnt at the stake.
    10.30pm Friday

  • I think he’s gorgeous. You are SO jealous of him. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 you like him, you really do, when you wake up you will grow a goatee, and accost foreign students at Oxford Circus.

  • I do like him. I never said I didn’t like him. All I said was that he should be burnt at the stake.

    Also you said:
    “You will…accost foreign students at Oxford Circus.”
    Will I be handing out flyers for English Language schools?

  • Oh, you’ll be pleased to hear that Neil is going to reinstall MT on my hacked server so I can blog on my site rather than clutter yours up with my crap. I thought the new tagline should be
    “Catfunt: the site they tried to silence” – whaddya think? I’ve also drawn up a wholly paranoid list of bloggers I’ve upset who I’ll accuse of having brought my site down. Their response I imagine will be “Who the hell are you?”

  • How about “Catfunt: the site that should be silenced”.

    The Oxford Circus thing was about how he always does his demos around there and is always surrounded by foreign students.

    Are there other bloggers then? I thought it was just you and me.

  • I understood the Oxford Circus thing the first time. I was attempting humour. You spend too much time with small children (and Steve).

    You will miss me when I have my own blog again.

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