Thank you

to all the hundreds of people that have written to me to cheer me up. I feel much better and am looking forward to writing again. Special thanks to the two people who really did write to me they mean much more to me than all the hundreds that I made up.


  • What’s the point of consoling you when you don’t even write? Come on girl, get to the keyboard and start pressing the buttons. Blogging is an anti-depressant, I read about it in the British Medical Journal.

  • I would watch das. das is one of those people who starts off really friendly and then gets abusive when you don’t do what they want. I’ve seen ‘Misery’. he was a writer and look what happened to him. You’ve been warned.

  • You could be right there. Speaking as one stalker to another, inappropriate interest and anonymity are a winning combination. Good job I’m not who I say I am otherwise I could be in deep shit.

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