Alco Props

A pineapple-flavoured Bacardi BreezerMy relationship with booze is very Burton/Tayloresque. On/off, love/hate. Since babies, my ability to handle it has reduced to the point where I can only tolerate champagne or the occasional spirit. I’ve never been one for saving things for best, so the idea that champagne is only for special occasions has never applied. Nevertheless the decent stuff, which is the only stuff worth drinking, does rather prohibit a regular Tuesday night, Holby City C-section gone wrong, day gone even wronger, tipple. Therefore it is with belated, and so missed the zeitgeist, thanks that I welcome the arrival of Bicardi Boozers into my life. Just enough alcohol to hit the spot without the necessary headache that wine provokes. Flavoursome enough for big gulps, but not too much booze per swig to instill instant regret.


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