Wait ’til your father gets home

It’s 10.45 pm, I have just got Olly to sleep, Rosa is still awake and Billie looks set to wake up again. Tonight at bathtime while I was drying Rosa, Billie tipped so much water over the side of the bath that it has come through the ceiling and flooded the downstairs loo. Olly has had so much apple juice to drink, I am sure he will be having his own personal flood later tonight. I’m now downstairs rushing round clearing up snipped up paper, Pritt stick smears, and spilt dinner. I am shoving washing in and filling the dishwasher whilst folding dried washing and preparing the school bags for tomorrow. And why? Because Steve is out for the night and when he comes home I want to act like it was no trouble at all managing tea, bath and bed, as well as keeping a tidy home.


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