Just as I was about to leap back into the blog fray, I developed a sore throat and have started to feel quite poorly tonight. Perhaps it’s my body’s way of telling me to shutup.

I haven’t written much lately as I have been really busy working on the costumes for the school play, and making these fairies, more of which later when Steve gets around to putting the photos up for me. Anyway Billie is a spider and Olly is (yet again) a townsperson. To date he has been crowd, guests at the ball, elf (one of twelve) and a fish. Clearly the casting director at the school has not yet spotted his undeniable talents. Still he’s not bothered and has enjoyed instructing me on the exact shape and dimensions of his shoes (those long, medieval curled up ones) and the length of his hessian sacking smock. Billie refused for AGES to be a spider, but has finally aquiesed to being a ballerina spider, which means I have had to make some weird chimera of spider and Darcy Bussell, a spiderina or ballider I suppose. As soon as the costumes are finished I’ll show you them.

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  • Ollie takes after Steve and is impervious to the world around him. It sounds like he’s happy being a townperson, onlooker, man in bar, man in pub, member of jury no. 3, passenger, 2nd vandal, anonymous blogger etc etc.

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