Half Term

It is the above as I said before, and blimey am I busy. Buying summer shoes, we arrive at the shoe shop, I take a ticket deli style, it is NUMBER 81! We buy Olly summer clothes, he takes Billie into the changing room, neither I nor the caring Gap assistant are allowed in. Clothes are passed back out by Billie with commands either “this is to buy” or “this is to put back”. Rosa creates hours of work in for the increasingly strained, smiling assistants by pulling at least half a dozen piles of t-shirts onto the floor and grabbing her favourite, bunging it on her head and making a dash for the lift. Believe me when I say that I hate badly behaved kids in shops, but today I just seemed to melt into uselessness in the face of that baby’s insurrection.

The tadpoles are going mental, leaping out of the tank like dolphins whenver I bring their food, but at least they are getting fed. Olly stuck a sign on the fridge saying “Magic Show Now On” probably referring to the methods by which I am conjuring up their meals using no more than a mouldy tomato, last year’s cheese and green ham.

And for reasons known best only to my neurosis, I am staying up till two in the morning watching Law and Order. Consequently I have no time to write.

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