Judging Hallmark

We had dear Azeem and Shehnaz over for lunch on Sunday, and I was extolling the virtues of Hallmark yet again. It is such a comfort in my old age, and so terribly satisfying. My skiving off school days were peppered with such comforts, a made-for-tv movie combined with a successful skive was the stuff dreams were made of.

My skives consisted mostly of either a sanctioned sickie from deceived or defeated mum or dad, or secret return home during working hours of aforementioned parents. What bliss. Even now, having been at home for six years, it is a thrill knowing that I don’t have to go to school/work or anywhere and that I can do what I want. When I lie on the bed feeding Rosa, or put my face on, or fold the washing, or have a lie down early afternoon or early evening I put on that channel and am instantly transported to that moment of relief (from having evaded facing whatever institution I was sentenced to attending, school, uni, bbc) combined with delicious imbibing of kitsch and real-life made-for-tv drama. I should read the schedules on TCM I guess in order to throw in the occasional black-and-white, but all in all I am a very happy Hallmarker.

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