The reason I have not written is

It was a triumph of optimism for me to imagine that I could carry on blogging while the kids are at home (sod, now the ‘ ‘ and the ‘ ‘ aren’t working either) either is the n (oh it is ow) or the full stop So this is what works ‘ ‘ow adefghijklopqrstuwy the comma doesn’t work either. I just really bashed the keyboard and it’s working now. Reminds me of when I had my Peugeot 205 and the starter motor used to play up so I travelled around with a hammer under my front seat. Bash bash always works. Which reminds me – the kids – I can’t seem to summon up any brain at the end of the day to write. I am nearly the same age as Stuart’s mum (she’s a year older) and I showed the pics of her in OK to the kids and was much cheered by the fact that Olly and Billie both insisted that I looked MUCH older.

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