Baby Sitting

I’m glad to bear witness to the future parenting skills of two of my offspring. Billie (four and a half) came in sobbing yesterday, and explained in big, breathy gulps how Rosa (16 months) had decided to call her mummy. Wondering why this was such a terrible thing, we were told that it meant that Rosa “kept wanting me to do things for her and I don’t want to do them” …….welcome to the club.

Rosa, ever the nurturer, has adopted one of Billie’s dolls. This particular one is blessed with the abilitiy to crawl, cry and call out mama. Sadly this delightful specimen of dolly engineering has lost the use of one of her arms, so she has to drag herself across the floor, all the while sobbing and calling for her mother. Rosa had her in the bathroom tonight, and seemed to be getting a little frustrated with her baby. While attending to the piranhas Bill and Ol in the bath, I noticed the dolly’s cries had softened somewhat. I turned to see a rather more jaunty, cheered up Rosa leaving the bathroom, having successfully placed her charge in the flip top bin, closed the lid and no doubt rid herself of her responsibilities.


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