We don’t need no education

Worry worry worry about school. Why worry everyone gets three A* A levels these days anyway don’t they? And everyone goes to university don’t they? I had a crap education at a grammar school, I say this mainly because it took me until the grand old age of twenty four to find out that thank you was two separate words. On the other hand it may not have been the education so much as me that was lacking I suppose.

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  • I knew we had something in common. I went to a grammar school. It was crap. I went cos my granny said I should. I spent my childhood blissfully at a brand new progressive primary school, learning useful creative stuff. Then at 11 I was thrown into an archaic antediluvian coal-hole where the staff had all been in the second world war and then to Oxbridge and then taken to wearing gowns in school.
    I still know my school song off by heart and sing it to my children to entertain them: ‘Now hands about good Leopards all, and sing a rousing chorus …’
    I left when I was sixteen (punk took me). I went to college when I was 25, suddenly the world shifted and I found out all the things I was good at were actually valid things in a lot of quarters.
    Now though, I have no idea.

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