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Do you know who built our Galaxy people carrier? (Don’t bother, btw, with the mirth. I know, I’ve done the grieving, loss of self, identity shit and am now quite happy having all that space and no class). Back to creation then, it was not Ford as I suspected but in fact God, well at least according to the prophet Billie, who has got faith since transferring to our local state (CofE) school. As well as her current concern that she might have to have a baby even though she doesn’t want one, Billie’s most pressing problem are her heathen parents.

“You don’t believe in Jesus do you Daddy?”
“well, stutter, mumble, it’s a good story”
“Well you should believe in him, because he exists you know, he created the world and he made our car”

Well I guess that Catholic blood’s gotta out somewhere, even if it has transfigured into another church. And Olly came home with his costume for the Christmas play, and it was… a cassock.


  • Now I know it’s not my mum, she’s never that nice. But in response to you, Ms Springfield – I have three small children and a large husband, a coterie of fairies and an action party for boys project as well as a lot of Hallmark and Living to watch, three episodes of Charmed a day, 7th Heaven, repeats of Judging Amy, Law and Order, Criminal Intent, Holby City, Question Time, Abbot and Portillo, there’s gazing into space and…….

  • My daughter the other day:
    ‘We don’t believe in god, do we mummy?’
    ‘Mummy, WHY don’t we believe in god?’

    Good question.

  • Billie told me it’s her teacher’s birthday tomorrow. I asked her what she thought the teacher would like for her birthday. Pause for thought:

    “A nice book. A book called the Bible. A book about Jesus”

    Job done.

  • Give me a child till seven – then get me a babysitter.
    Jesus, what is it with this jesus stuff? I went right through it and it never affected me at all. I can remember being really shocked when my mum said, actually, yes, there is a god.

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