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Celebrity Big Brother 2005 logoFelt a bit guilty about all the BB viewing. Actually felt sick, like I’d binged and needed to puke. What I needed was a brisk political walk, a cold draught of reality so, Newnight … massive posters of swastikas and a big debate on the royal ginger tosser’s choice of apparel. OK, try the Week In Politics … Peter Stringfellow talking about boozing.


  • You know, I’ve never done this, but last night I phoned up the BBC and complained about the Newsnight backdrop. I just couldn’t believe that they could make the editor of the Jewish Chronicl (or the guy from the Goethe foundation) sit in front of massive swastikas, like they were sitting at some Nazi rally. I asked myself whether I was overreacting, but I thought that, what if they were actual flags draped there rather than flatscreen tvs. So I phoned up and put a complaint in. I suspected that the producer was having some angst about how it looked as you could see the backdrop being flicked about with as they were in closeup to the editor. But when they pulled back again, he still was sitting in front of a swastika. I mean, if it’s insensitive for Harry to wear one, isn’t it insensitive for the BBC to reconstruct a Nazi party rally stage to talk about it?

  • Do you know, I thought the same thing when I saw the backdrop. I thought, oops I’ve hit the 2 too many times on the remote and ended up on some Nazi cable channel. I wondered if the guy sitting in front of it knew that was the backdrop or if they do it like the news when they’re not really in an office, and there isn’t really a desk it’s all sfx. It’s like the allure of the image is impossible to resist.

  • Yes, I thought he was probably sitting in front of what to him was a blank screen. I imagined a crazed producer going, heh, heh, heh, let’s show this sucker who’s in charge here.

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