First nomination prediction

Celebrity Big Brother 2005 logoThis is how I reckon they vote, although I thought that they were already due to have done it, anyway:

John votes for Brigitte Lisa
Brigitte votes for John Bez
Caprice votes for John Bez
Jeremy votes for John Brigitte
Lisa votes for John Bez
Kenzie votes for John Lisa
Bez votes for John Caprice

That means Bez goes – oh no! Bez vote Lisa.


  • Oh no. Bez can’t go! Bez can’t go! I’m making my placard now. I keep missing BB but hey, I don’t need to watch it as I can catch up here. Don’t you think Snake Eyes Stallone looks like the Bride of Wildenstein that weird freak of nature that has had far too much bad surgery? Glad you are back – was getting worried!

  • Astrid – you do the morning shifts, I’ll do the night shifts, what on earth are you doing up so early????

  • I haven’t been to bed of course – have been steadfastly placing matchsticks in eyes so I can keep watching E4 all night just in case disgusting John McCrirrick finally spontaneously combusts through lack of diet coke….sadly I now look like a Jackie Stallone lookee likee. God, I could cash in on this!

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