Jackie Oh!

Celebrity Big Brother 2005 logoFinally got my husband to fix this thing so I can post. And how inconvenient, as CBB is so fantastic, I don’t have time to write. Some fave moments this evening are Jackie Stallone reading Caprice‘s palm and stating that she is either homicidal or suicidal, and Bez explaining that John was really “feminist”, which Jeremy corrected and said “sexist” whichJackie misheard as “sadist”.

Germaine Greer in The National Portrait GalleryAnd I’m glad that Jackie has come with her piercing insights and pithy comments(?) as I was about to scale the walls of BB and depose that total bitch of a monarch. Lisa is the consumate bully, gathering her crew around her, to whom she extends favour, and singling out her victims for her vile attentions. And though I hesitate to call her one (a victim that is), especially as she is unaware of what’s happening, it is Germaine that is falling foul of that cow’s spite. Brigitte, Caprice and Lisa are so playground it is amazing. Last night Lisa declared that Germaine had to watch out because she was gunning for her, and this morning she deliberately tried to sabotage Germaine‘s cooking, yet this evening she’s there telling her that she cares for her…

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