High Infidelity

Look I don’t want any of you to say anything, but I’ve been unfaithful.

Those of you who read this on any sort of regular basis may remember that a while back I had to look elsewhere in the middle of the night as my usual source of comfort and sustenance was playing music, would you believe, and what I needed was the sound of a human voice. As is always the case when you play away and ain’t that selective, it was a disappointing experience.

However, after the first time it just gets easier and easier. First of all it was just a quick half hour here and there, in the middle of the night, it wasn’t hurting anyone and after all if I wasn’t getting what I needed there, then who could blame me for looking elsewhere. So, despite having been together for years, I started to seek comfort with other men. Where it went really wrong is when I started doing it during daylight hours. At night it was a secret, private thing, but by day it just started to snowball and now I haven’t been back to my original love for weeks.

Steve is very disappointed in me, he calls it stupid radio and I can’t say I blame him. But there is something very compelling about the sheer idiocy and vitriol of Steve Allen, Nick Ferrari is cosy and vile in equal measures and I have just got the bad thing for James O’Brien who is a lovely, liberal, Tory Boy with just the right dash of daytime tv and lad mag. So on the basis that confession is good for the soul and consistency is the mother of creativity that’s my news.

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