HELP! I need a funk soul brother

I know I haven’t written for ages so I guess you’ve all gone away, rightly so. But I need a hand. I’ve not blogged for ages because I’ve been setting up a new business, writing this script for a character called Joe Action who’s gonna be a children’s party host. First party 11th June oh my god.

Anyway I paid a guy who was recommended to me a vast amount of cash to produce a disco a la jive bunny vibe using various samples of action hero music. (Joe Action is a comic book hero who comes to life etc) The end result is that it’s shit. And now I need to start all over again, I’m doing this on Garageband btw. I have all the samples sorted out into 120 tempo, and I have a basic rhythm track going on but try as I might it just isn’t juicy enough. I’m thinking very obvious four to the floor d.i.s.c.o as these are 5-8 year old kids who want something energising. Is Skip to My Loops fatboy slim worth buying? Does anyone out there have some great must dance loops I can use. This has to be like Rockerfeller Skank or any of the trad disco stuff. Thanks.


  • Try my brother – he is a trendy dj amongst other things and has access to TONS of stuff. Just say I recommended you to him. I’ll give him a call tonight to warn him you might be e mailing. Hopefully he can put stuff you need on a disc and send it to you asap.

    His e is

    I hope (quite sure!) he can help as he has all the sampling gear to loop etc etc and he has a mac so where there is a will there is a way!!

    Good luck


  • Thank you SO much I am doing my nut about this especially as I’ve just played it to the kids and they just stood stock still staring at me…….mind you they are a bit on the Midwitch side.

  • I’ve just left a long-winded on pain of death big sister do as I say message for him. It normally works!

  • AKA Mrs Sheridan

    Jules, I am confident that you, and Joe Action, will be ready for June 11th.

  • Listen if you hear any swearing, crying or despair, it is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to do with Joe Action, mind you, if you put a glass to the wall tomorrow you might get to hear him ….

  • Juliet! Your deadline is looming! Benji can help or have you sorted it? Good luck if you have.

  • Just remembered – good luck for tomorrow. Hope you got it all sorted.

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