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I listened to the most fantastic Start the Week this morning. It took me a while to get into it, as part (or rather what’s left) of my brain thought it was Sunday, and I was half dreaming of Andrew Marr in wellies chatting with Eddy about the sad demise of Hermes. Talking of which (The Archers), when I listened to that I thought that when Lynda and that old geezer who’s gonna marry Julia were talking he’d bought her a Hermes scarf so he could have his way with her, not that her Llama had pushmepullyou’d his last.

Anyway I digress. Germaine was talking about what liberation means to us girls, and was talking about those great gals who step up to the plate and make us proud. Claire my dear, you are one of those, and though years may have distanced us, they have not faded my deep and abiding love and admiration of you. And while I’m name checking my posse deep thanks to Curly, Straight and The Good Shepherd for really being big chums.

Apologies to all the rest of you vomitting out there for me being a sap. But I’m nails usually ain’t I?

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